Angles Garden

This garden was amazing to watch as the incredibly fertile Cambridgeshire soil gave the planting such a boost that in year 2 it already looked like a mature garden. The clients wish list was to have less lawn as the mowing was taking over the weekends, more planting, a vegetable patch, a screened off area to disguise the washing and a very unusual water feature was requested.

The challenge here was to create a space more intriguing and unexpected than the existing very long and narrow plot. The answer was to divide up the space into a series of geometric shapes that would trick the eye into thinking the garden was wider than it actually was. The end of the garden was sectioned off by rustic trellis panels to denote a vegetable patch area and washing line. In keeping with a country garden, rustic terracotta setts and pavers were sourced to detail the shapes, and the infill was graveled over to keep maintenance lower.

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