Oriental garden

This pretty old house in a Shropshire town was in need of an identity so an informal ‘East meets West’ theme was implemented. It is a long & narrow plot so it was divided up into different zones, the first part becoming more ‘West ‘ in inspiration with scented herbaceous perennials, roses, and flowering shrubs and climbers.

The far end of the garden had a more defined ‘Eastern ‘ feel with a Japanese inspired bamboo archway leading to a hexagonal timber gazebo ‘Tea house’ and garden room. This area also had a gravel garden with lots of bamboos, quince, anemones & a large juniper tree was beginning to be shaped in a ‘cloud pruned ‘ manner to further enhance the oriental feel.

Careful use of garden accessories further brought the scheme together by using Japanese stone lanterns, Buddha water feature, and glazed pots with collections of hostas.

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