City parterre

A large corner Victorian house had the remains of a very tired old box parterre garden at the front of the house. As this area of garden wouldn’t normally be used but was viewed from the main salon, and the road it needed a major face-lift with new planting.

I decided to keep the old criss cross parterre and update the whole scheme with a lot of beautiful new plants. The client loved rich reds, pinks and creams so a selection of flowering and foliage plants incorporating these colours were used. Parterre infills were planted with red spireas, astrantias, and peonies. Hedges were made from laurels, red leafed photinias and a couple of small red flowering trees …the forest pansy & a red crabapple were added to bring height, spring blossom and deep ruby foliage.

Focal point plants were two large variegated phormiums and a couple of large fatsias. Red hyrangeas, rhododendrons, and feathery fine cut Acers added a delicate touch to the scheme.

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