Courtyard Garden

This was a real treat of a project – the clients who are lucky to live in a very unusually secluded and secret little road in north London had wanted to get more use out of a tiny courtyard back garden. They loved all things country and natural, and wanted to bring this feel to their London pad.

The back garden was very small and the clients wanted to be able to use the tiny space more efficiently and put a table & chairs out to eat and entertain in the garden. They are also keen cooks so wanted to combine some culinary herbs into the new planting scheme.

Rustic riven paving was laid to the back garden and chunky cedar timbers sleepers were used to create an L shaped raised box planter that could also double up as perch seating.

The timber planters were filled with a mix of cottage garden perennials, climbers and rosemary, lavender, sage, geraniums, santolina, and herbs for cooking.

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